Dental Care Myths Among People in India

Myths Related to Dental Care

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Many people in India are not aware about oral health and what all is happening inside their mouth. They must be made aware regarding the oral health and the harms on their general health.

Dental care specially in India is usually neglected and taken for granted. So here is why and when to consult a Dentist, and some myths which need to be cleared for a better understanding of the dental health.There is a direct link of the dental health with the general health.


If you experience any of the following:

Pain in the tooth, anywhere inside the mouth ( tongue ,cheeks  and palate). When first tooth is visible in the mouth of the baby. Bleeding gums ,dirty teeth and bad breath (halitosis). Not regularly placed teeth. Sensitivity to hot or cold food items.

Pain near the ear. Pain in the mouth after sleeping or while chewing. Less opening of the mouth.

Usually after every six months, general checkup is recommended. And if not six months, once a year is must.


MYTH : Scaling of the tooth causes loosening of the teeth. 

It is just a false belief that cleaning of the teeth cause teeth to loosen. Poor dental hygiene, improper brushing and flossing of the tooth leads to the deposition of debris onto the tooth surface. These debris when removed from the teeth, create the gap which usually is not there.  After cleaning, the gaps will eventually fill up on their own if the health of the mouth is maintained properly.

MYTH : Extraction causes eye, speech and ear related problems.

No problem is caused after the extraction. Its just that like any other minor surgery or operation. Some cares like being on soft diet, avoiding hot food etc., must be taken for a few days. It does no harm on any other human body part.

MYTH: Dental procedures cannot be done in pregnant women.

If case of severe pain due to grossly decayed tooth is encountered  ,emergency dental treatment  can be done in a pregnant women. The safest period for the treatment is second trimester - fourth to sixth month of pregnancy. This treatment is totally safe for mother and the child. However, any dental treatment during the first trimester and last trimester is not recommended.

MYTH : Dental treatments are painful.

No doubt that after the labor pain suffered by the mother during delivery, the second most painful treatment is that of the tooth. However, if the patient comes early and disease is diagnosed in time, only sensitivity is experienced without much pain. For any treatment at a later stage, anesthesia is given to the patient and proper care is taken.  After the timely and proper treatment, there is only a minor discomfort  as if of any medical treatment on our body. Dentist ensures the patient gets a pain free and satisfying treatment.

MYTH : When one tooth is infected with dental caries, it transfers the carries to other or adjacent teeth.

Each tooth gets the dental carries because of its own specific reason.There is no transfer of carries from one tooth to another. If multiple teeth are infected, one's lifestyle - eating habits ,brushing habits and genetics etc., are the major reasons of dental carries.

MYTH : Bleaching or scaling procedure weakens the tooth.

This procedure does not weaken the teeth. Only small amount of enamel is disturbed ,which is needed for completion of the procedure. But repeated use of bleaching  procedure can harm the teeth.

So it is  important to have a clean and healthy mouth for good health. Dirty and diseased mouth impacts our health in many ways. One can also get heart disease in the long run, along with increased incidence of diabetes. And it influence one's general personality too. 

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