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Deck Of Cards Workout: Sweat Deck App For Ios Review

Sweat Deck App Review: Customized Workout for All Levels

Deck of Cards Workout: Sweat Deck App for iOS Review
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Sweat Deck app by Rubbledev is a deck of cards workout companion app which offers gamification to simple customized workout. Here are some pros and cons about the app.

If you are looking for fun beginner workouts that suit your fitness level without making you feel frustrated or you are someone who thinks the ordinary fitness regimes are starting to feel mundane, customized workouts are your answer. You can debate whether your customization would be as effective as those professional gym instructors’ programs, but I think we can all agree that working out is better than not at all. After all, you can still make customized workouts inspired by the professional programs. There are some times when we don’t have enough will power to go to the gym or follow rigorous fitness routines. Having customized workouts mean you have the total freedom to define how hard or how light you want your workout right now. The idea behind deck of cards workout is that you can make a customized workout set by assigning a specific workout for each of the four suits: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

Shuffle the deck and deal the card one by one, completing the workout based on the card that you get. If you assign squats to spades, then five spades card means you have to perform squats five times. Moreover, the other type of cards such as Joker cards can be used to spice things up a little bit. You can assign workouts with predefined quantity such as jog for 1 minute or plank for 30 seconds.

You don’t have to bring a deck of cards everywhere you go. One app that caught our attention was the Sweat Deck app by Rubbledev. It is available for both iPhone and iPad and it’s free for its basic function. They offer in-app purchase for $2.99 to unlock premium features such as making different lists of exercise sets so you can save and load different sets of customized decks without having to set them every time you want to do your workout, timed workouts, and see your workout history.


The strongest points of Sweat Deck are its beautiful user interface and its functionality. Design is an important aspect on this. It has readable font on each card, a big button to make sure you can tap it easily when you complete the prompt, and beautiful graphics throughout the app. When you do your workout, you can see the elapsed time on top and a yellow progress line on the bottom so you can stay on track and have a little workout even though you have a busy day. The best part is the app will use automatic speech to say the name of the workout that you should do next, so you don’t have to glance at the screen for a long time. Our favorite way to use the app is making fun sets that suit our needs such as standing office stretches set, long car ride set, and even secret workout in public set because finally we can make customized moves that wouldn’t embarrass us too much. The workout history page looks beautifully designed as well and you can export your history to your camera roll.


We enjoyed this app so much that we don’t really have any critique on this app. However, if we asked about things that we would like to see in its future development, it would be awesome if they would include a function to insert photos to the workout cards. Sometimes we are being too creative with the workout names to the extent that we forgot how the card should be performed. The card design still has quite some white space on it so optional photo insert feature would be helpful to remind us the correct posture all the time.

Overall, Sweat Deck is one of the versatile fitness apps that suit the needs of people from all levels. Its gamification nature provides fun and motivating boost, a perfect companion fitness app to push you to the next level. We always believe that progress can be achieved one step at a time. Give your body a chance to evolve from your current state to your best self.

Note: The author of this review has no affiliation with the developer of the reviewed app.

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