Top 12 Vitamin E Rich Food Sources

Vitamin E Rich Foods And Sources Of Vitamin E

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The best way to cover up vitamin E deficiency is to eat foods rich in vitamin E. Nature has provided us with many varieties of foods to eat and it is not difficult to find vitamin E rich foods. Sunflower seeds, almonds, kiwi, wheatgerm oil etc are some of the foods rich in vitamin E. In this article, we have covered up top 12 foods that are excellent sources of vitamin E. Let us learn in detail the best foods rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin E Rich Food Sources

1. Wheatgerm oil

All plant oils such as cotton seed oil, olive oil are rich in vitamin E but wheatgerm oil has highest amount of vitamin E contained in it. It is estimated that per 218 grams serving of wheatgerm oil has 326 miligrams of vitamin E and daily value is listed as 1628 percent per serving. The best way to use wheatgerm oil is in cold pressed unrefined and organic form. You can use wheatgerm oil for everyday cooking.

2. Almonds

Another vitamin E rich food is almonds which are considered to be the storehouse of skin beautifying vitamin E.  According to an estimate, per serving of 95 grams of almonds contains 24.8 mg of vitamin E and daily value is 125 percent. Although almond milk and almond oil are also good choice as a vitamin E source but it is best if you chew 3-4 almonds daily to fulfill the daily needs of vitamin E.

Moreover, almonds are rich in fiber which keeps your digestive system in order and keep your bowel clean to impart glowing skin from within. Soak up few almonds overnight in water and peel them and eat in the morning to get maximum out of this healthy nut. 

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3. Mustard greens

These hot tasting greens are good sources of vitamin E, C, K and folate. They are highly nutritious and add to all round well being of your health. They taste good when cooked but par cooking is advised to ingest the maximum benefits of vitamin E in your body. It is estimated that per serving of 56 grams of vitamin E HAS 1.1 milligrams of vitamin E and daily value is 6 percent. One cup of mustard greens can fulfill almost 15 percent of your daily vitamins requirement. As mustard greens are rich source of vitamin E, it is recommended to eat organic mustard greens to reap maximum benefits. 

 4. Peanut butter

Per Serving of 258 grams of peanut butter has 23.2 milligrams of vitamin E and daily value is 116 percent. Rich in vitamin E, peanut butter is slightly rich in fat but they contain high amount of fiber and magnesium. Fiber aids in weight loss and magnesium makes your bones stronger. Just apply this peanut butter over your bread and toast and enjoy its benefits.

 5. Kiwi

We all know that kiwi contains rich amount of vitamin C which enhances your skin's health immensely. Apart from vitamin C,  kiwi is also vitamin E rich food. Per serving of 177 grams of kiwi has 2.3 milligrams of vitamin E and daily value of this serving is 13 percent. It also has serotonin which triggers sleep inducing hormones to treat insomnia. You can eat 2-3 kiwis daily or add them in your fruit salad with yogurt.

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6. Dried apricots

Dried apricots are rich in edible fiber and and other vitamins such as vitamin E. Fiber in apricots help in cholesterol regulation and keep digestive system in order. Vitamin E conained in dried apricots enhances the health of your skin and hair. Chew apricots directly or add them in your salad. According to a raw estimate per serving of 130 grams of dried apricots has 5.6 milligrams of vitamin E and daily value of this serving is 28 percent .

7. Wholewheat

Per serving of 120 grams of wholewheat has one milligram of vitamin E and 5 percent of daily value. It is rich in magnesium which controls diabetes. You can prepare wholewheat grains salad or eat them in the morning.

8. Papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit which is very rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C which wards off many diseases and skin ailments. It is also rich source of vitamin E. 140 grams of papaya contain 1 milligram of vitamin E and it is about 5 percent of daily value. You can eat few slices of papaya daily and you can even drink papaya shake after you take a breakfast.

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9. Broccoli

Broccoli is a member of cabbage family which is loaded with high amounts of protein and vitamin E. Broccoli is the best detox diet which is rich in vitamin E, C and K which benefits your bone and skin's health. Per 91 grams of broccoli has 0.7 milligrams of vitamin E and 4 percent of  daily daily value. Just eat boiled broccoli or use this as your regular vegetable. To get the best nutrients of broccoli, you should always cook broccoli at low temperature.

10. Spinach

Per 30 grams of spinach has  0.6 milligrams of vitamin E and DV of 3 percent. It is a vegetable rich in iron, calcium, vitamin E and anti-oxidants which is a boon to your skin and health. Just make vegetable of spinach or drink spinach juice. It has been proved that steamed spinach can increase the nutrients value of spinach.

11.  Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E which prevent heart disease and cancer. Per serving of 46 grams of sunflower seeds has 15.3 milligrams and daily value of 76 percent. Just add sunflower seeds in your salad to fulfill the daily requirement of essential nutrients like magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, magnesium and fiber in your body. You can use sunflower seeds for garnishing chicken dish or tuna fish and eggs also..

12. Parseley

This miracle spice not only brings extra zing to your aroma to your food but also is rich source of vitamin E. 60 grams of parsley has 0.8 milligrams of vitamin E and 2 percent of daily value. Parsley is rich in vitamin K which helps strengthen your bones. Parsley helps in treating dangerous diseases like diabetes and cancer. For ingesting vitamin E internally, sprinkles few parsley in your salads. Dried parsley is also good but fresh parsley is always the better option, always.

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