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The Sikroom: What You Should Have


 To make a sagging bed firm, simply place a board between the bed springs and the mattress. Make sure, too, that the mattress is firm and well-sprung. Patients who suffer from back problems will certainly need a firm bed. A physician can give an advice about it.

Choose bedclothes with care. Nylon sheets are easy to launder but tend a slip off the bed are not as absorbent as sheets made from cotton or linen. Cellular blankets of cotton or Dacron are lighter then woolen ones and are also easier to wash. The patient may require three or four blankets on the bed. Patients who suffer from painful joints or poor circulation may prefer the lightness of a comforter to the wight of blankets.

To make up in the bed, the mattress should first be protected with a waterproof sheeting, such as polyethylene. Place a blanket over this to provide a soft and warm surface for the patient. Place the sheet on the bed and keep the right (nap) side of each sheet innermost. Place the blankets on the bed and cover them with a light eiderdown and an attractive, cheerful-looking bed spread.

The sickroom

The sikroom: what you should have

When sitting up in bed, the patient will need a minimum a four pillows for support. It is possible to buy a ready-made triangular pillow in the Armchair position, so that only a soft head pillow has to be placed on top.However, the triangular pillow is harder than ordinary pillows, and the patient may not fit it quite as comfortable.

1. The Armchair position provides the most comfortable and popular arrangement of pillows for those who like to sit upright in bed.

2. On top of this triangular shape place the final soft pillow for the head. Taller people may need extra pillows to make up for their height.

3. Alternatively , you can arrange the pillows in the upright position. Stack a minimum of four pillows on top of each other; the number of pillows once again depends on how tall the patient is.

4. Frail or elderly people have a tendency to sleep down the bed and may need a footrest. Take as hard a pillow as you can find. Roll it up in a sheet, twisting the ends firmly around it. Place the pillow hard up against the patient's feed and tuck the ends in each side of the bed.

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    This does not just apply to patients but to everyone as well, as maintaining good positions is for the betterment of everyone. Being comfortable in bed should be taken seriously and the earlier the better. We should all take note of what and how comfortable we are in bed whether we are sleeping, just laying down, reading or watching television.
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