Does Chamomile Tea Help in Sleeping?

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Chamomile Tea Makes People Sleep Faster And Better

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For thousand of years, Chamomile Tea is being used in the treatment of a huge range of health disorders. The reason is quite obvious, Chamomile Tea is indeed, a great source of health and beauty properties. But in this article we would mainly focus on the utility of Chamomile Tea for the people with sleeping disorder.

In the recent years, herbs have gained huge popularity among the people belonging to all classes. Because of their proven benefits to cure a lot of diseases and beauty properties, herbs are increasingly being suggested to treat almost all categories of health issues. In today's article, we are going to discuss about a very popular herb "Chamomile tea", which is believed to have extraordinary health benefits. Our article would focus specially upon the question, if Chamomile tea does make one sleepy and we would seek for the scientific explanation.

What is Chamomile Tea: Chamomile Tea is a derivative of a daisy-like plant which generates a yellow-centered white flower. Chamomile's scientific name is Matricaria Recutita. There are mainly two types of Chamomile plants available. German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. They are widely available in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

How does it work and specifically improves sleep:Chamomile tea is being used as an ideal treatment for a lots of health problems for thousands of years. This alone implies, how much dependability this plant has caused on us in the field of health and treatment. Chamomile tea is a highly effective home remedy for stomach upset, mouth ulcer, migraine pain, menopausal discomfort, headache, skin irritation, even cancer and diabetes. The area of discussion for the utility of Chamomile Tea on health is extremely vast. In today's article our main focus would be the usefulness of chamomile tea for sleep, in particular.

Chamomile tea for sleep is the most common use of it and generally prescribed by the physicians as a harmless home remedy for sleep deprivation. The question is, does Chamomile tea indeed make you sleepy? A lots of studies have proved that Chamomile tea contains mild sedating properties which make people sleep faster and better. Chamomile tea, for sleep is a popular material to treat insomnia because it sedates fast due to flavanoid , a factor which works on the same part of the body and nervous system at the same time and fights those jitteriness or irritating sensations which do not let you feel sleepy. Clinical exams have been conducted upon 10 cardiac patients who fell into deep sleep after drinking Chamomile tea, which lasted for 90 minutes. The most common reason behind lack of sleep is anxiety and stress. Chamomile tea extracts are enriched with anti-anxiety properties such as benzodiazepine, which helps to ease off the discomfort owing to tension and stress, because it contains Xanax and valium. These elements have proven ability to lift mood and combat sleep deprivation. Side by side, they also acts to eliminate the discomfort associated with headache, nightmare, trembling, confusion etc. The best part is, a chamomile tea sleep has got a very little or almost no side effects. Now, one might be wondering, whereas tea is commonly presumed as a drink, which is used to stay awake, what is the specialty in Chamomile tea then, which on the other hand, helps you to have a better sleep? Researches on animals proved that the bluish volatile oil Chemical Tea encapsulates, has got 28 types of terpenoids which has got proven anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties which are very effective to relax your brain and muscle. Substantial mood improvement has been recorded by their impact on alpha wave activity changes. So undoubtedly yes, Chamomile tea does make you sleepy.

What is the dosage required for sleep: 
Ideally, the daily dosage should be 9-15 g/day to have a relaxing Chamomile Tea Sleep. Overuse might backfire since it would interrupt your sleep by making you urinate frequently. Also, for the pregnant women, Chamomile Tea is not recommended since it might cause uteric infection. To have a perfect Chamomile Tea sleep, some people have it frequently throughout the day, and some right before going to sleep. The correct timing would be atleast half an hour before going to bed.

To conclude, Chamomile Tea has unending health benefits proved by numerous researches, but overuse of anything is harmful. Chamomile tea causes allergy to many users and this is the most common side effect of this. Other side effects include vomitting and diarhoea. So whatever you choose for your health, it is always highly recommended that you consult with a health professional before regular consumption

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