17 Benefits Of Lemon For Skin, Hair And Health: Lemon Juice And Fruit Uses For Skin And Hair Care

Benefits Of Lemon For Skin, Hair And Health

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You can apply lemon on face to get white skin that is free of acne, scars and blemishes. Lemon also has benefits for hair such as dandruff cleansing, scalp cleaning etc. Or you can simply drink lemon juice to gain overall health benefits. There are endless uses of lemon for skin and hair. Below we have discussed 17 such uses and benefits of lemon juice and fruit for hair, skin and overall health. Have a look!

Are you looking for a product which can beautify your skin without burning your precious cash at beauty salons? You will be surprized to know that the magical ingredient that is the answer to all your beauty woes is lemon, which is easily available in your kitchen shelf. We know that lemon is used in making delicious lemonade and many household cleaning purposes. Apart from these properties, lemon is a huge reservoir of beautifying qualities that makes it a great beauty aid. This article brings you some tips on how to use lemon juice in your beauty applications. Read on to know the amazing beauty benefits of lemon.

Lemon Benefits for Skin, Hair and Other Health Benefits

  1. Scrub half a lemon on your face daily to bleach your skin naturally. You will get fairer in one month.

    Lemon juice is a powerful bleaching agent that is widely used in various beauty applications for making the skin fair. In addition, applying lemon juice daily fades all types of facial discolorations and scars of the face. 
  2. Lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice helps to lighten scars of the face. 
  3. When you are annoyed with your oily hair, then only lemon juice comes to the rescue to fight your oily hair. Simply add 2 spoons of lemon juice to the water you use for the last rinse. You will be surprised to find your shiny hair within few minutes with this wonderful beauty use of lemon.
  4. Use the mix of 4 teaspoons of coconut milk and juice of one lemon. Apply this mixture on your scalp once a week. If used regularly, you will see gratifying results.
  5. Rub few spoons of lemon juice with half a cup of olive on your scalp and then wash off to get dandruff free hair. Lemon can help you scrubbing off dead skin cells from your body.
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  6. Simply scrub sugar mixed with 2 spoons of lemon juice. Rub till Sugar does not melts completely. 
  7. Lemon is bursting with the wonders of Alpha hydroxyl acids, which help in removing dead skin cells. It is definitely easy and effective way to slough off the dead skin cells.
  8. Apply lemon juice on your blackheads before going to bed. Wash off in morning. Lemon is replete with citrus acids that fight the oil that form blackheads on the face.
  9. Mix 2 spoons of lemon juice, 2 spoons of vodka, 1 spoon of distilled water, and 1 spoon of Witch-hazel in a bowl. Apply this mix on the face with cotton pads. This toner can be stored in a refrigerator. You can use toner for one week. This face toner is apt for oily skin.
  10. Mix equal measure of lemon juice, honey, vegetable oil/canola oil/olive oil well. Apply on your face and neck. Leave this preparation on for 10 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. This mixture is a wonderful homemade remedy for dry ravaged skin
  11. Drink warm milk mixed with juice of one lemon juice in the morning to cleanse your system and spruce up yourself for the whole day.
  12. Soak up your nails in lemon juice for ten minutes. Then brush your nails with a nail brush or tooth brush with the mixture of half a spoon of vinegar and warm water. Then rinse off with warm water. See how this magical beauty use of lemon juice grants healthy and shiny nail.
  13. Rub lemon slice directly on the skin and leave it on for 2 hours. Follow with olive oil after rinsing off. This process facilitates cell renewal and reveal the fresh skin lying underneath. Lemon is enriched with the high amount of vitamin C that revitalizes your skin.
  14. Apply lemon juice mixed with honey on your face to lighten your skin naturally. Take a cup of honey, 3/4 cup of olive oil 3 spoons of lemon juice. Apply this mix on your hair after shampooing your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and shampoo as usual. Regular application of this hair pack breathes life into dull and damaged hair.
  15. Lemon juice can be used as a mouth freshener when mixed with water. Just squirt few drops of lemon juice into your mouth and swish it around for few seconds ,then swallow it. You can drink lemon water also to smell fresh all day long.
  16. Lemon is a natural blood purifier that helps to fight various infections of the skin. Regular application of lemon juice speeds up the healing process of your acne and prevent it from recurring. 
  17. Steep peppermint tea bags in water for 15 minutes. Mix it with lemon juice and quarter of witch-hazel. Use daily as a toner.

By now, you are aware of several benefits of lemon for face and hair and ofcourse overall health benefit as well. Now you know how to use lemon juice in your beauty applications. So why are you waiting? Go head off to your kitchen and pick a lemon to beautify yourself right now! And revel in the feeling of sparkling fresh and beautiful skin! Check out .

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